I find myself involved in wildly differing projects. I’ve come to learn that there is a term to describe my curiosities and interests in many fields- multipotentiality!

This site aims to document my journey as a technology entrepreneur and how I try to remain productive and make a living while pursuing many passion projects. Here’s to sharing adventures in life, business, and trying to game the system in our favor!

Formal Bio:

I am the founder of Intelipro, an African company that builds predictive analytics solutions for businesses serving retail customers in Africa. Through the Reja.ai platform, we are scaling machine learning and closing gaps from the information asymmetry faced by thousands of businesses in Africa.

I am also the co-founder of Quotidian Data, a research institute focused on advancing the understanding of everyday experiences of data and working towards a future where AI and data technologies are co-designed, developed, and governed in and by the places and people targeted.

I am also a board director at Local Development Research Institute, a think-tank whose work contributes to the efforts of African governments to end extreme poverty, end hunger and reduce inequalities.

Previously, I led the Research and Data Science teams at iHub, Nairobi’s Innovation Hub. In these capacities, I spearheaded a team of local researchers to conduct groundbreaking research on the uses and approaches to technology in Africa.

I am experienced in data science and designing and leading research and big data projects.  I have done extensive research, published and traveled globally as a keynote speaker on the opportunities and social impacts of the Internet; the role of open data in increasing access to information; and the application of big data to improve financial services, governance and urban resilience.